voodoo-preistess asked:
Hey, just found your blog and its awesome ! do you know if Andreia did any sports as a child/teen and what age did she start getting really dedicated? xx

Thankyou very much!

She started in 1992 when she first walked into a gym with a friend of her. This was also the first time she did some physical training! She trained 4h a day.
2004 was the year she took her training more serious. She mainly focused on the weight training. 
2009 is the year where the real transformation took place. Proper training and good nutrition gave her the body she’s been working for.

There you go! :) xx 

rokamo asked:
Do you know what here stats are? (Chest, waist, hips, body fat %)

Age: 27
Height: 5’5” – 165 cm
Weight: 117lbs. - 53kg
About her waist, hips, chest stats and bf% I couldn’t find anything. I’m sorry!  

the-drop-of-silence asked:
will you marry me ?